“The Saviour of Lasnamäe” by Mari Saat



August is Women in Translation Month, so a book originally written in Estonian by a woman writer fits right in.

For me this book was a fast easy read, but I felt a bit squeamish about the way the heroine has made to earn her living for time.

I worry that the point the random reader takes out of the book will be the hardening of their prejudices about Eastern European women.

May-be I am unfair, yet what the writer made Natalya to do makes me uneasy.

I like Sofia, but I also wonder is she an hopeful ideal rather than any true Russian teenager?

What I really would like would be to get the opinion of Russians living in Estonia – how this story makes them feel.

I would recommend this book for foreigners, yet for myself I found it thought provoking, a reason to question my own beliefs, attitudes and actions.


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