TRB Dare

When James Chester from James Reads Books announced The TBR Dare, it happened right after we had agreed with my older son that he gives me a gift of new bookcase and I will try to make it happen that all the books will stay in the bookcase, not taking over all the room they had lately done.

At first I planned to do just one month and, to not make it too hard, to keep reading some books also from the local library. But – no new purchases of books.

January was not very successful, though – I read 15 book and 9 of them were from library. So I decided to keep doing the dare, baby step by baby step, and from the 9 books read so far in February, 5 have been from TBR pile.

My favorite has been Ice by Ulla-Lena Lundberg – lately I just love to read details of everyday life and in this case these details are also exotic enough to be thought provoking. Also, somehow I have been reading a lot about the II World War, so it feels satisfying when details from more than one place fall into place like pieces of enormous puzzle that is the World at that moment of time.

A book I often think back to is also a library book – Naoko by Keigo Higashino – creepy, but thought provoking.

Has any of my readers also encountered these two book? Did you like them


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