“The Last Enemy” by Grace Brophy

Read as part of the Around the World in 12 Books Challenge 2014.

I am quite a fan of crime fiction, yet I rarely have anything to say about the crime fiction I read.

I did enjoy both the setting and the characters of this story. The exotic Italian town of Assisi, the snooty aristocratic Casati family, the gossipy maid, the damaged immigrant worker from former Yugoslavia, the lusty catholic priest … Counted out like that, the cast reminds soap opera, yet I did enjoy the result. Also, it was thought provoking what the author had done with the victim, the 45 years old American-Italian “little Rita”. Even if, it looked like, the author did not trust she was able to SHOW what she intended about Rita, so there was a bit of telling to keep the reader on the right track.

And here, unfortunately, I have to stop, as my further contemplations would contain spoilers and, as I do recommend the book to others, so no more …


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