Adrian Tomine “Shortcomings”

Yesterday I read a graphic novel Adrian Tomine “Shortcomings”. Had it on my Amazon list for couple of years, but never got to buying it. And now a friend had given it as gift to my younger son, who shared with me … It amused me that the friend is a female blonde and my son is, of course, half Asian. For my son, though, the question of main hero’s character was more tricky topic to wonder about: “Do I sometimes sound like THAT???” (I think he does not, but I am his mother, so what do I know?! Or how objective can I be)

I found the book interesting, even if one of those examples when the hero is interesting to study and think about, but one sure hopes NEVER to have to interact with them in person. And, of course, the USA as scene for the story to happen is an exotic location for me!


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