Nature or nurture?

Nature or nurture?

“There’s no such thing as a left sock,’ I pointed out, delicately unpicking more of the spell. “They’re all the same.”

He laughed. “Course there is! It’s obvious, you always put your right sock on first, so the missing one’s got to be the left one.”

From “The Sweet Scent of Blood” by Suzanne McLeod

As I start putting on socks with the left foot myself (unless it turns out the socks have changed shape with wear and one actually CAN see which one goes on which foot. Then I put on the sock I have picked up first, no matter on which foot it belongs to), my mind slipped to wondering why, while I am clearly right handed, my left hand could take over, if needed.

Is it because the lefties run in our family – both my sister and my daughter are lefties?

Or is it due to a childhood injury, that forced me to use my left hand for couple of months as a toddler (proof seen on the photo from Dec. 1966)?

Are you left handed or right handed? How hard is it for you to use the wrong hand, for example, for writing?


This shows my handwriting using different hands. The main problem with left hand – it has no stamina, so only the first sentence looks like in the example pic and things go downhill fast from there.


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