Decluttering and dead Finnish witch

Decluttering and dead Finnish witch

Well, decluttering was what I meant really get down to in Saturday. But instead I settled down to read “Anna Dressed in Blood” by Kendare Blake.

Theseus Cassio (or Cas), a teenage ghost hunter, is the main hero of the book, but as the ghost of a murdered Finnish girl Anna seems to be more interesting for me, so lets talk about her instead.

First, I wonder CAN Anna use Finnish like she does when she writes “Anna taloni” all over the walls of the haunted house. Yes, “taloni” means “my house”. And, angry and distressed as she is, it makes sense Anna talks about herself in third person. Just that – I am not sure it is possible to use the first person possessive affix -ni when talking about herself in third person. Should it not be either “Mun taloni” or “Annan talonsa” or “Annan talo”? I do not know, as my Finnish is minimal.

Second, liking the book, once again I am aware that I do not like the monsters, who are like natural (or unnatural) force of evil and destruction – utterly alien and unapproachable. I like monsters, who ARE monsters, yet there is something more in them, something that can be understood and, may-be, even liked or accepted.


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