Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Any Chua


I was aware of the outrage around the book by Amy Chua when it first arrived. As the parts of the book described sounded quite painful, I did not mean to seek out the book.


But then Rush-That-Speaks posted a review that I found thought provoking, so, when I saw the book in library, I did pick it up.

I must say, though, that I was not surprised, when the reaction my younger son had to seeing the book was: “So, should I start giving you guilt-trips for being a failure as a mother, not a tiger-mom at all?”


Anyway, the book WAS easy to read and less preachy than the initial reaction of the readers from USA had led me to believe. Also, I offered it for my half-Vietnamese daughter to read and, just like her brother, she did not see Amy Chua as horrible mother and, in fact, felt I should have been more like a Chinese Tiger-mom. Even if she nicely comforted me with: “But we were too poor then, you simply did not have the same means than Amy Chua!”

I would recommend the book, as it is both easy to read and thought-provoking, even if I would not recommend the way Amy Chua raised her girls to everyone or even to most people.


An amusing titbit – in the Amy Chua book the Tiger Mom is the strict parent, when her Jewish husband is the more lax, fun parent. But where I come from, the Jewish parents are believed to be the most driven, strict ones.  Like shows this ad card from Birthright Israel:


… the text on back: “Sometimes it isn’t – Jewish college students are eligible for a once-in-lifetime free trip to Israel!”


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